Loved this PAGE-A-DAY from Kurtis!


I remember as a boy watching terminator, matrix and that other one with Will Smith. The idea of artificial intelligence gone haywire sparked my interest – if you will. Of course in those movies human kind always prevailed. They are movies after all. What those movies don’t predict is what happens if computers won.

96 years ago a joint enterprise by GROW & AIE two of the foremost experts on artificial intelligence and human argumentation funded a 5 year project aimed at combining the two fields of study. What was developed was a human – computer. You see, the artificial intelligence didn’t just become an argumentation. It fused with DNA. After all DNA is just code. The artificial intelligence rewrote the code, all evolutionary defects – deleted, degenerative speed – halved, even mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s become nonexistent or rather no case has been recorded so far. Synthesised human beings…

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