Matthew Winston


I act surprised as she walks through the door. Closing my eyes heightens my senses to the smell of Nina Richie, followed closely by the girl I used to love.

I smile as she approaches. The act of spontaneity seems to emphasis the passion she expresses as she pushes me against the wall.

She told me once, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet as I hold her, I feel not like the beast, but empty, held captive by repetition, routine and fear of the unknown.

I reflect on our elapsed sensations.

The way you whispered in my ear like the gentle autumn winds.

The clothes that you’d remove and how they slid across your skin.

Your touch and then my goosebumps, passionate in our prime.

The way you bit your lip, your kisses down my spine.

This partnership’s an act and I’m lying can’t you see? No RARDA…

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