Elephant imprint in toast



Dr Midsik was the lovechild of introverted genius and neurotic madness. Fortunately the result was an IQ score that could not be measured by traditional methods. In fact the arrival of Dr Midsik unto this world saw the theory of intelligence lose significant credibility to the great displeasure from the educational board of directors. However there was no illusion of the ladies genius. Age 12 Dr Midsik invented a sounds system with base that could strip the cloths of a human body in a 2 count.

That same year and consequently that same age she also invented a toaster which when finished toasting would speak with the camp voice, “Oooo am hot”. Harmless fun for a 12 year, in fact she confessed to have laughed to the point of a burp at the toaster. In truth however, she created a sound based propulsion system which did not affect…

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