Panting. Panting. Panting. Dilly pressed tight against the steel wall as if trying to become a new alloy. His eyebrows wet with sweat, edged with defiance, dark like his mood. At that moment there could be no clear opposite between the screaming of his thoughts and the calm of his footsteps. Dilly would have been assassin silent if it weren’t for his faint growling. Teeth clenched to the point of tear his gums open under the pressure. He refused, refused, refused to be used by anyone. All his gestures mirrored as much.

The instant stimulus of a footstep 25 yards southeast calmed his mind and all faculties reverted to assessing. When you have lost an eye you lost the ability to perceive depth. To over-compensate reasoning, logic, and problem solving improve. Most sufferers that have lost a sense or diminished a sense are often affected by this improvement of other faculties…

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