Yannis’ basement flat was in a prime location, halfway between Chiswick and Hammersmith, it was part of a beautiful Victorian town house with beautiful high ceilings and furnished with a collection on coveted antiques spanning many decades.

His bedroom was that of a prince, large sash windows with red velvet floor to ceiling curtains, a four poster oak bed, artwork that would be fit for the National Gallery.

Yannis’ father had been an avid art and antique convener, he was a very well respected man who’s passion for his work attracted him a lot of popularity amongst people, especially women. He had many wives but Yannis was his only son, to whom who groomed with only the finest of items.

Being home schooled Yannis developed a marvelous academic knowledge of almost every subject you could think of, however his social skills seemed not to develop, on the rare occasion which he did come in contact with new people, he would be shy and despondent towards them, almost like they were just another object to him.

When Yannis’ father died he inherited a multitude of assets, and enough money for 100 people to live comfortably on till their dying day.  He decided to move into the Chiswick flat because he thought that it was the right size for him.  Yannis was 18 at this point and choose not to go to university; he felt it to be unnecessary as he had enough money to survive.

For the next 20 years Yannis did the same thing every single day, drinking from the same single bank account, and living solely in those walls, not feeling any sunlight on his skin that was not broken by a pane of glass.

He had everything he needed.  A pile of 7 takeaway menu’s pinned to the fridge, his favorite day was Tuesday, it was Indian night, the same basic groceries and cleaning supplies delivered to his door every second Monday of the month, and a library room full of 9,880 books, the majority on antiques and mathematics.

Yannis calculated that at his pace of reading he would have sufficient reading material to last him till he reached the ages of 145, so he was happy.

There was not a single thing in the flat that connected him with the outside, it’s almost like the outside world was a fantasy to him, or somewhat unnecessary to his life.   He had read books of great voyages and studied great atlases of the world but never did he study in his mind what this meant to him, it was simply irrelevant.

Yannis put a sign on his front door saying “Please leave food on the mat, and knock, I will pass the money though the letter box”.

It was a Tuesday, and he called to order his usual, he waited.  There was a knock on the door and Yannis went with his money and posted it though, he stood there waiting for the deliver to leave.

“Oh sorry sir we don’t take cash for delivery anymore, it’s card only”

Yannis stares at the figure through the misted glass in a state of palsy.

“Sir?” She say, Yannis fumbles for the right words.

“Okay, I will find a card” He said

Yannis ran upstairs tripping over his own feet, and retrieved his card, he retried to the door and slowly dropped in through the letter box.  There is movement behind the door.  And silence, Yannis waits for her to leave.

“Your pin sir?”

“Oh, er, 4, 5”

“Sir, you have to enter it yourself”

Yannis stands dead still.  He goes to rest his hand on the handle and retreats quickly.  He pulls at his hair a little, then finally opens the door.  A young girl, with fair blonde hair and bright ice blue eyes stands with a card machine expectantly.  Yannis stares at her in a state of euphoria, his eyes wonder down to her neck, and then her breasts.  The girl takes a step back and he steps forward instinctively.  She gives a terrified gasp, he steps back, snapping out of his animalistic state and looks at the floor, he grabs the card reader, enters his pin, drops the card reader on the floor, retreats inside and slams the door. He stands, and watches.  The shadows leaves.

He opens the door and picks up the food.

He goes over to the fridge, takes the takeaway menu, and throws it in the bin.

(PAD 21.11.12)