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The Test

The front room was littered with ornaments and useless bric-a-brac that looked like worthless junk to the average eye but was probably worth its weight in gold. Sam sat on the edge of… Continue reading

Personality Perfected

Really loved this Page a Day from Stefania, it’s so powerful, the themes that are explored are very relavent to current times. Personality Perfected.

30.01.2013 PAD

                Nicole, this does not even rhyme.   Distant reverberation I can hear it in the wind Carious hearts, lost cations Are left to linger  … Continue reading


Originally posted on Raisah Ahmed:
I pretend you care. I think I’ve been so starved for someone who does that when you came along I thought you would be the first one to…


Originally posted on Matthew Winston:
I act surprised as she walks through the door. Closing my eyes heightens my senses to the smell of Nina Richie, followed closely by the girl I used…


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I remember as a boy watching terminator, matrix and that other one with Will Smith. The idea of artificial intelligence gone haywire sparked my interest – if you will.…

15. 01. 13 PAGE A DAY

I have only truly loved one.    We took the un-scenic route to the flat with the other restless cars in hope that it would get us there a lot quicker even thought… Continue reading


I love this, I can relate to it a lot. I like how you’ve described time, as if it’s frozen, like there is no escape, and you will be stuck in this state… Continue reading

06.12.12 Page a day

              Chains. Stale air. I stare at the grey wall.  They have not come to feed me, I’m hungry. I exist as a ragdoll possessed by innate… Continue reading

Night Fever, Night Fe-ve-er. We know how to do it!

Sometimes at work I remember a fantastic scene from a great film, and have the urge to jump up on my desk and perform the Night Fever dance…