Beauty. Beautify outside, unedited, I translate. I do do do. I translate so we can hear. So humans can hear. I borrow and press these words. Frame them so we see it as… Continue reading

The Visitor

Over the weekend I have been visited by an old friend.  She’d lived with me for a while as she was going through a hard break up, and you could say I am… Continue reading

My first post for almost a year

Some days getting out of bed feels like waking up on 1 hours sleep. And going to works feel like wading through thick stale resin for miles. You snooze your alarm and stare… Continue reading

How awkward is dying for a shy person?

I’ve had my fair share of crippling fear of social situations, growing up in one of the most exuberant areas of London where you relied on the flamboyance and originality of your after… Continue reading

Just a thought…

People are giving their lives to educate us yet Google is feeding me stories about naked celebrities.  Today I was reading a story about James Foley, a American journalist who was executed, who,… Continue reading

Sorry if it does not make sense…

Dear Person, The successful effort it takes to exhume a sentence from my mind is indefinitely a wonder that only another person with this level of introversion can understand, which, taking in all… Continue reading


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  Jeremyohmyah commented at 15:30: I’ll never forget watching a beheading. It was on some website my friend showed me, he sat with his laptop on his knees…

love, lust and fear in relationships

I strongly believe that if you build a relationship on all the right things, you should know within a year if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person,… Continue reading

Blue is the Warmest Colour is not about lesbianism- Hooray!

It’s certain to say that I came out of this film confused and slightly dissatisfied, but, on reflection, I realize this is because I expected a certain skeleton of a story that fills… Continue reading

Happiness = Reality – Expectation

After reading countless articles about Generation Y and realizing how right the theories of us being egotistical and unrealistic about the positivity of our future are, I thought I’d write a self-analysis and… Continue reading