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love, lust and fear in relationships

I strongly believe that if you build a relationship on all the right things, you should know within a year if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person,… Continue reading

I want you. You’ve taken residence in my mind. You’ve ignited my bones with the fire that you breathe. I am paralyzed, stood drained of words whenever you are near or whenever I… Continue reading

The Test

The front room was littered with ornaments and useless bric-a-brac that looked like worthless junk to the average eye but was probably worth its weight in gold. Sam sat on the edge of… Continue reading

15. 01. 13 PAGE A DAY

I have only truly loved one.    We took the un-scenic route to the flat with the other restless cars in hope that it would get us there a lot quicker even thought… Continue reading